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Eversend Virtual Card Fees
Eversend Virtual Card Fees
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Charges and limits

At the Eversend, we strive to be as transparent as possible on all transactional fees/charges our users may encounter, so as to give them the a good experience when they use our services.

Regarding virtual card service, below are the fees:

Virtual card creation fee: $0

Virtual card maintenance fee: $1 (recurring/monthly)

Minimum amount to load on virtual card: $1

What other fees should I be aware of?

  • Please note that you’ll be charged FX fees when you make non-Dollar-denominated payments via your virtual card. Please refer to Eversend transaction fees

  • If your virtual card payment gets declined due to insufficient funds, a fee of $0.5 will be charged on the third failed payment attempt. Please note that every time your card is used for payments and it failed three times in succession due to insufficient fund/balance, the $0.5 fee will be charged on your Eversend account.

Why will I be charged a fee for a Declined Eversend USD Card Transaction?


We want to explain why you may have been charged a fee for a declined transaction on your Eversend USD Card due to insufficient funds. We have updated our Terms & Conditions to introduce this fee, and we want to provide you with clear information about why it is necessary.

Why are fees charged for declined transactions?

When a virtual card payment is declined, Eversend incurs charges from third-party providers/virtual card processors on these payment attempts. The fee, as mentioned above, for declined transactions due to insufficient balance covers this charge, and we do not make any profit from this.

How can you avoid 'insufficient balance' fee?

  1. Keep your Eversend virtual card sufficiently funded: Make sure you always have enough funds on your virtual card to cover both one-time and recurring online payments. Check your card balance regularly to ensure it aligns with your intended spendings.

  2. Manage recurring services: Review the recurring (subscription) services linked to your Eversend virtual card. If there are services you no longer use or don't plan to continue, remove or unlink your card details from them. This way, you won't be charged for services you no longer need.


Your card will be temporarily frozen after three (3) initiated transactions with insufficient funds. If there are up to five (5) instances of an attempted charge with insufficient funds and the card still has insufficient funds, your card will be permanently terminated.


We understand that being charged a fee for declined transaction can be frustrating. Thus, to ensure that the experience is good for our customers, we advise that you keep your Eversend virtual card sufficiently funded and wisely manage your recurring services; remove your card from platforms that are liable to recurrently auto-charge your card.

Remember, by maintaining sufficient funds and managing your recurring services, you can have a smoother payment experience with your Eversend USD virtual card.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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