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Why was my virtual card deactivated/removed/deleted?
Why was my virtual card deactivated/removed/deleted?

Reasons why your Eversend virtual card may get deactivated.

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We understand that the deactivation of your card may have caused some inconvenience, and we apologize for any disruptions you may have experienced. Unfortunately, we are unable to reactivate your old card.

Why was my Eversend Card deactivated/revoked/deleted/terminated?

Eversend may revoke your card for the following reasons:

  1. Failed payment due Insufficient Funds on First Payment Attempt with a Newly issued card: If you try to make your first payment with insufficient funds, your card will be terminated. Ensure your newly issued Eversend virtual card has enough funds to cover your bills by transferring funds from your Eversend wallets to the virtual card. After adding sufficient funds, you will be able to make successful payments, and your card will not be deactivated for this reason. Here is a guide on how to add more funds to the virtual card balance.

  2. Two Consecutive Failed Transactions Due to Insufficient Balance: If your transactions fail due to insufficient balance twice in a row, your card will be suspended. You will have to reach out to customer support for assistance. If you continue to make more than one transaction attempt after the card has been suspended, the card will be deactivated.

  3. Failed Monthly Subscription Fee Collection: Eversend charges a monthly fee of $1 for every virtual card you create. If your card subscription is due and there are insufficient funds in your USD wallet to cover the fee, and your virtual card balance is less than $2, the card will be terminated.

  4. Outstanding Negative Balances or Overdrafts: If you have outstanding negative balances or overdrafts, your card may be terminated. The remaining virtual card balance will be deposited into your USD wallet to cover the overdraft.

  5. Card Removal Request: If you tapped the "remove card" option in the app, the card will be scheduled for deletion 24 hours from the time you initiated the deletion process. After the 24 hours, the card will be deleted and the funds(card balance) will be returned to the USD wallet. 

What will happen to the funds that were on the deactivated card?

The funds on your old card will be credited to your Eversend USD wallet after the deletion process has been completed. If the process is already completed, please check your Eversend USD balance.

I was expecting a refund on my revoked card, what happens to that refund?

When you receive a refund on your deleted card, it will not be processed automatically or immediately. We will first review the refund and then send it to your USD wallet. If any merchant notifies you of a refund or reversal, please contact us and provide proof of the refund (a screenshot of the refund instructions from the merchant) so that we can review and process this refund to your Eversend wallet.

How do I get a new Card?

To create a new Card, please ensure you have enough funds in the USD wallet to cater for the monthly card subscription fee for the first month(1USD) and minimum card balance load of 1USD.

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