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Why is my transaction pending?
Why is my transaction pending?
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Thank you for using Eversend.

As a payment company, in delivering withdrawals and/or transfers, we partner with other payment integrators/processors so as to move these withdrawn/transferred funds from our end (our users' wallets) to their beneficiaries (bank accounts and/or mobile money numbers). This process, howbeit straight-forward, requires few technical steps which are dependent on us as well as these payment partners. If there is a technical issue with one or more of these steps, it affects the whole transaction delivery process, thereby delaying fund delivery.

To manage your expectation, first, we want you to know that we are always aware of all initiated transactions on our app, even before you reach out to us on them. Second, when these transactions pend, we spin to action by checking the issue and fix it (if from our end) or reach out to our payment partners to fix (if it's from our payment partners' end).

PS. We do not instantly deliver transactions; our delivery timeframe is usually within hours from when you initiate any transaction (withdrawals/transfers). Only Eversend wallet to wallet transfers get delivered almost instantly/within minutes, as they are within our Eversend ecosystem without needing any third-party payment partners to process.

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