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How do I make Yaka electricity payments in Uganda?
How do I make Yaka electricity payments in Uganda?

Paying Yaka electricity bill in Uganda

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Where do I find the section for making bill payments?

  1. Click on the ‘Pay’ tab

  2. Make sure that you have selected the correct country in the top, right hand corner by clicking the flag (for Yaka, select Uganda)

  3. Click the lightbulb button labeled ‘Electricity’

  4. Proceed to add account details and select amount to pay

How do I set up recurring bill payments?

You will be asked when adding an account if you would like to set up recurring payments. If you do not set it up at the same time as adding the account, you can set it up later. Select which Yaka account you would like to make recurring payments on. At the bottom of the account details, click on the button ‘recurring payments,’ where it says disabled. Switch the button to on and select how often you would like for it to repeat.

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