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How To Add USDT/USDC to USD wallet
How To Add USDT/USDC to USD wallet

This is to enable users know the steps to take in adding USDT/USDC to their USD wallet on the Eversend app.

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We have crypto Stablecoin (USDT and USDC) as a top up feature for adding Dollar to USD wallet on our app.

  • Scroll to your USD wallet on the Eversend app, click on the 'Fund' button.

  • Click on 'Stablecoins'.

  • Select either USDT or USDC, depending on which of the two stablecoins you want to transfer to the Eversend app.

  • Choose any preferred network from the available transfer networks displayed.

  • Copy and/or share the stablecoin address displayed on the screen.

Via the address, anyone can send you USDT/USDC from any external crypto platform and you will receive the USDT/USDC in your USD wallet as Dollar (USD).

You can also send USDT/USDC from any of your external crypto accounts into your Eversend USD wallet using same address.

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