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Which countries can I receive money in?
Which countries can I receive money in?

Countries that can receive money from Eversend users

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Eversend enables you send money to residents of Nigeria馃嚦馃嚞, Ghana馃嚞馃嚟, Kenya馃嚢馃嚜, Rwanda馃嚪馃嚰, Tanzania馃嚬馃嚳, Cameroon馃嚚馃嚥,C么te d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)馃嚚馃嚠, Zambia馃嚳馃嚥, and Uganda馃嚭馃嚞. A person living in these countries can receive funds from almost around the world using the Eversend app.

How Your Recipient/beneficiary Can Receive Funds:

We offer several convenient ways for your recipients to receive money, depending on their location or preferences:

  1. Eversend Wallet Transfer (Fastest & Easiest): This option is ideal if both you and the recipient are Eversend users. Funds are transferred instantly within the Eversend platform. There are no transfer fees involved for this option.

  2. Mobile Money Transfer: You can send money to a mobile money account in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Cameroon, C么te d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Tanzania, and Zambia from your Eversend wallet. This is a popular and widely used method in these countries.

  3. Bank Transfer: You can send money to a local bank account in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

We are always working towards expanding our services to more countries. If you would like to send money to a country not yet listed, please contact our support team. We'll be happy to add it to our waiting list.

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